1. The Board shall decide on all matters of the Society which in accordance with the law or these by-laws do not fall within the competence of another body. The Board shall represent the Society regarding any third party and before the public. Any two officers of the Board shall sign jointly and bind the Society. Routine day-to-day matters shall be carried out for all legal purposes by the Secretary, or if the Secretary is not available, by any member of the board acting alone.
  2. Between each meeting of the General Assembly the Board shall manage the Society’s affairs by way of meetings, correspondence and by telephone and/or fax.
  3. The Board may appoint subcommittees from amongst the Society’s members. The Board may delegate its powers to these subcommittees. The Board shall limit these powers and functions of the subcommittees as it deems fit by a separate regulation. This regulation shall describe the goals, procedure, time-table and the manner whereby the results shall be presented to the Board.
  4. Should a vacancy occur among the Officers of the Board, the board shall have the power to coopt until the next General Assembly, unless otherwise specified.
  5. The Board shall in particular but not limited be responsible for:
    • The management of the affairs of the ISoN;
    • The organization of annual congresses, regional and other scientific meetings;
    • The establishment of the annual budget and the use of any available funds. The Board shall determine the actions and expenditures necessary to achieve the objectives of the ISoN. The Board shall present to the General Assembly a budget for the Society’s next fiscal year. Additionally, the Board shall present to the General Assembly an income and expenditure account and a balance sheet. In addition, the Treasurer shall give a report about the financial activities of the Society since the last annual General Assembly;
    • The establishment of standing and ad hoc committees necessary for the activities of the ISoN. The Board shall receive reports from these committees and inform the General Assembly with regard to such committees;
    • The preparation of the agenda for the General Assembly;
    • The existence of the adherence to special ethical guidelines for the relationship between the ISoN and related industry. These guidelines shall be prepared by the Board and a copy shall be kept by the Chairman of the Board;
    • Ensuring that the Articles of the Constitution are adhered to correctly.