1. The Society shall consist of individual members, emeritus members, honorary members and institutional members.
  2. Individual Members: The society shall be open to all individuals who share the purposes of the society and are either surgeons or physicians. Additionally, surgeons and physicians in training shall be eligible for individual membership.
  3. Institutional members: Corporate bodies may join the Society by application to the Secretary. In particular, all disciplines, working groups and other societies with an interest in neuropelveology or related academic disciplines in natural or human sciences shall be eligible for institutional membership.Institutional members shall have a constitution, which conforms to the purpose and objectives of the ISoN, as specified in Article 2. In particular, they must be non-profit making bodies and have a Constitution in accordance with their national laws.
  4. Emeritus Membership is open to Members who have reached the age of 65 years and who are no longer in full clinical practice. Emeritus Membership status will be confirmed by the Board and shall be subject to approval by the Board. Emeritus Membership status will be communicated to the General Assembly.
  5. Emeritus Members shall have no voting rights on matters concerning the ISoN unless they are elected members of the Board.
  6. An Emeritus Member shall:
    • pay an annual membership fee as to be determined by the Board from time to time;
    • be permitted to participate in all activities and meetings which are open to a Member to attend;
    • shall pay his or her contribution to the participation in any activities or meetings as if he or she were a Member;
    • be listed as an Emeritus Member in all relevant published material in which Members are referred to;
    • shall have no voting rights or rights of veto afforded to the Individual members in any ISoN meeting.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing provision, the general rights and obligations of Individual Members as defined in the by-laws shall continue to apply to Emeritus Members mutatis mutandis.

  7.  Honorary Members: The Society will, from time to time, honor individuals with outstanding and important contributions to neuropelveology by election to Honorary Membership of the Society on the advice of the Board. The number of election to Honorary Membership shall be limited to two each year. Proposals for candidature of Honorary Membership shall be submitted in writing with adequate documentation to the President at least six months before the meeting of the Board.