Master in “LION procedures & Nerves-Sparing Techniques”

LEVEL 2 – Master in “LION procedures & Nerves-Sparing Techniques”

Applicants may apply for level 2 after completing Level 1!



To provide controlled access to laparoscopists in Pelvic Neurofunctional Surgery.

Achieve Your Goals

Finish your course, and receive formal recognition for your accomplishment with a Verified Certificate at the end of the workshop.


This workshop is being offered to fully trained endoscopits wishing to undertake further training in highly specialized endoscopic techniques in neuropelveology. This module suppose the prerequired knowledge in functional pelvic neuroanatomy and focuses mainly on surgical aspects of techniques such as the nerve-sparing procedures in radical pelvic surgery, and the technique of laparoscopic implantation of neuroprothesis – LION procedure – to the pelvic nerves.


Pelvic neurofunctional anatomy
Topographic pelvic neuro-anatomy on cadaver
Detailed understanding of applied physics relating to energy sources for neuro-stimulation/modulation
Training in programation of pacemakers in several therapeutic indications (OAB, Pain, SCI…)
Postoperative training of spinal cord injured peoples after implantation

Laparoscopic Dissection On Cadaver

Dissection of pelvic nerves (femoral/sciatic/pudendal/sacral nerves root, gluteal nerves, pelvic splanchnic nerves…)
Technique of Pudendal LION procedure (Treatment for OAB/Incontinences)
Technique of Sciatic & Femoral LION procedure (Recovery locomotion in spinal cord injured peoples)