1. The Society shall raise an annual membership fee. Based on estimated expenditures, the Board proposes to the General Assembly the amount of the annual membership fee. There shall initially be an annual membership fee of 50,- Eur for individual members and of one 50,- Eur for institutional members.
  2. Each new member pays an entrance fee.
  3. The General Assembly decides by simple majority vote about the amount of the annual membership and the entrance fee.
  4. The Board may increase or reduce the entrance fee for institutional members at its sole discretion.
  5. The ISoN may accept funds such as contributions, grants or donations from institutions, manufacturers, foundations and other sources, for the purpose of promoting the objectives of the ISoN.
  6. The finances of the ISoN shall be used exclusively to promote the purpose and objectives set out in Article 2, and for the proper management and administrative expenses of the ISoN.