International School of Neuropelveology – Workshop Level 2 – 28-30th September 2023, Zürich


Link: Workshop 28-30 Sept

1st World Congress on Neuropelveology – 27-28th Sept. 2018, Zürich

Workshop ISoN-Level 2 / Start of the SCI-Studies – Aarhus April 2017

Faculties-VIP meeting – December 2015 – University of Aarhus – DK

The VIP-Faculties meeting on Neuropelveology took place from 11 to 12 December 2015 in the Institute of Anatomy – University of Aarhus – DK.

The aim of this meeting was to provide a common platform for the future activities in the ISoN. In an informal atmosphere, all Faculties of the ISoN spent also two days of theory and cadaver dissections going through the essentials of neuropelveology.

All participants have completed successfully both the Level 1 and Level 2 requirements.

Foundation of the ISON during the ESGE meeting 2014 – Brüssels


Workshop “Pudendal LION procedure for treatment for OAB”


Hyperactivity of the bladder with urinary incontinence, especially the non-neurogenic form of the condition, but also fecal incontinence may affect millions of women over the world, without any co-morbidities and in particular without any neurologic disorders or prolapsed organs. First-line conservative treatments do not always lead to sufficient improvement of the complaints and are often associated with disabling adverse effects leading to treatment failure. Electrical stimulation of the pelvic nerves has emerged as an alternative and attractive treatment for refractory cases. A novel technique of implantation of an electrode to the pudendal nerve has been developed for treatment as well of fecal incontinence as of hyperactivity of the bladder with urinary incontinence. The laparoscopic approach is the only technique that enable placement of an electrode in direct contact to the endopelvic portion of the pudendal nerve within the protection of the pelvis.

The workshop is the required condition for participation to the multicentric prospective randomised ISON-Study “Pudendal neuromodulation vs sacral nerve neuromodulation for treatment for intractable non-neurogenic OAB in women”.