Fellowship “Master in Neuropelveology”

Level 3 – Individual Fellowship Training Program

Basic Requirements for Applicants
Licentiate doctor of medicine from a qualified institute
Qualified for Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology or Urology or Surgery or Neurosurgery from a standard institute.
Three-year experience in surgery

Sphere of Training Process and Experience
Every trainee is required to study and work under close supervision of the responsible supervisor. The international fellowship program requires trainees to work as an assistant or surgeon in the operating theatre under supervision of a certified ISON-Neuropelveologist Level 3. The activities for the fellowship training programme include:
• Medical conferences, including national and international (tele)conferences, didactic lectures, journal club, case demonstration, case study, interdisciplinary Board etc.
• Taking care of patients in the department under close supervision
• Working as an assistant in the operating theatre on endoscopic surgeries
• Performing simple endoscopic surgical procedures under close supervision of professors
• Each trainee is required to submit one high-quality research project to an international journal at the end of the training period.

Master’s degree final project
Master’s degree final projects involve the preparation of a report or written paper, under the supervision of a tutor, in which candidate reveal the knowledge and skills acquired in the course of their fellowship.
These projects must be completed autonomously and personally.
Final projects might take one of the following forms:
a) Academic papers of literature review and research, or experimental work.
b) Papers combined with work experience in other institutions or universities.
d) Other types of work not included in the preceding options, as specified in the official qualification program.
In all cases, projects must consist of a written paper or report accompanied by any other relevant documents, where appropriate.

Program Evaluation to certify the Qualifications of “Neuropelveologist Level 3”
Formative evaluation during the training process.
Summative evaluation by final theoretical, clinical and surgical examination, interview and research project.
Master`s degree Final Project in Neuropelveology.
A trainee who fulfils the above requirements is qualified for Certificate of Proficiency in Neuropelveology level 3.

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